Tuesday, 27 October 2009

On Alcohol again and general eating habits

"Just to demonstrate how true it is that alcohol is bad for exercise, infact for the body.
On Saturday I had ciders and some wine(maybe I can estimate and say 10 units of alcohol), I then spend the whole of Sunday recouperating. Monday gym was a torture compared to Tuesday. On Tuesday I did high speeds on the bike and an incline on the treadmill and even ran for about 2 minutes. So since I acknowledge that I am defeating my purpose by consuming alcohol what am I willing to do about this.
Wednesday after work I was sallivating having a cider, the worries of the day before forgotten. This is an ongoing conversation between me and alcohol."
The above was maybe twoo weeks ago, the past week I had 2 glasses of wine, a short of brandy and a cider. That is little drinking in my worl. I then went to gym the next day and was relatively fine, i could not do all my workouts as my partner wanted to go.
I felt great....the week before i had no alcohol. So slowly I am becoming responsible in my drinking. Actually if truth be told, too much red wine makes me want to throw up, white wine makes too drunk, too soon, ciders i have to drink a lot of. So the idea of eliminating alcohol is slowly becoming appealing. Not making any promises, I am weak like that.
I have been feeling good lately and gym has a lot to do with it i am sure. I have been going sic times a week which is neccessary according to bob Greene. I have also been eating differently.
When I first went back to gym i did the South Beach Diet, Phase 1 which eliminates most Carbs. It was good but after 12 days i felt i was just eating too much protein so i looked for something different.
The eating plan:
Breakfast: Cereal(ofcourse not all cereals are made equal but i chose oats) + fat free dairy
Snack: Rice cake or similar
Lunch: Fruit
Snack: Fat free soup
Supper:veges, Salad, lean meat and portion of carbs

I must say I like the eating cereal in the morning, Cause I love my all bran flakes. I love apples too and they are so filling.
I am still in the cleansing stage of the eating programme, from next week I will eat according to my blood group which is O. Apparently protein is good for my weight loss which explains why the SBD worked for me.

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