Monday, 19 October 2009

Warm weather in Cape Town

I love warm weather, I woke up and came to the gym, had a very nice workout. Now today would have been perfect if I found my goggles this morning, I'd probably be swimming now instead of writing this post. This whole week will be warm apparently with temperatures around 30. Thank God I can choose when to go out in the sun and not be forced to work outside. Can you imagine then when full-blown summer is here and I am hanging out with my boyfriend and I feel sticky and bloated in my clothes. No dear Lord I ask not for much just a few cm off the waist line, a bit off the backside and thighs. All in all about 10kg loss will satisfy me.

So One thing I noted is just how effective music is when one is working out, Apparently its scientifically proven.
I listened to a house track and John Legend, he is coming to South Africa by the way or was he here. I would love to go see him. I must beef up my music files, want to keep exercising religiously now as I have realized I will not stop eating and wine will be in my life for a while, so better exercise and enjoy my food and wine.

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