Thursday, 15 October 2009

A weekend in rural Transkei

OMG I had fun. I enjoyed it all.
So this village is about 20km from Queenstown, most of the way is on the dirt road. I borrowed a Nissan Hardbody from my dad who works nearby. That car came in handy cause we loaded 4 sheeps on it, did you know that a sheep costs R750? Well it does, it don't matter what size, the whole lot of them are R750 or more in some farms. I mean whats the logic to charge the same price for all sizes? Anyway arrived in this small village called eMachibini and my accomodation was at a neighbour's house. Thats the beauty of communal life, your never are always there to the rescue. The old lady-Ncinci- was very pleasent, made tea, gave us extra blankets and made me feel like I was at a B&B.
I helped with the cooking in preparation for the funeral, I chatted to the family and was generally my pleasant, "love me now" self. Now you know about that self, I think I can make anyone like me, thats just my humble opinion. I had the whole family eating off my hand by the time I left. See the thing is I am not threatening, I am this plump teddy bear that you just want to love. Ok Ok I have stopped.
It was great spending time with "my friend" or as he put it to his grandmother "colleague". We bonded and are planning another thip together in November.
Now being a village, there are pit-lantrines. The house where I was staying had a feeble structure and I made up my mind that I will eat less and go to town every chance I get (when i have to pick up people coming to the funeral). I just could not tempt the structure, what if it fell in. The village is quite developed hey, has its own clinic and almost every house has running water. There are sheebens all over the place, i don't know if I should call that development but being a drinker myself it was good to know that if I ever wanted a quench buster I would be able to get it.

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