Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Lessons from being car-less

My car has been acting up for the past two months. Its probably an opportune time to part with my 323. If only I had made wiser use of my credit card and did not get a negative rating, credit reports are used for everything in SA, I almost did not get this job.
Its really only last week that I have accepted not having a car(which shows me that anyone can accept anything life throws at them really). I remember wondering how my friend manages to take a taxi to work in Joburg.
But the positives are:
My weekends are suddenly weekends again, I walk to the beach play in the sand with my daughter
I plan when going to the shops and buy neccessities
I walk more, sometimes I have a good 2km to public transport
I utilize my colleagues more for lifts which reminds me why it is good to be nice and polite to people as you never know when you will need them. Take Al*, I did not even know his name until yesterday before I asked him for a lift. But I have always been polite to him so when I asked for a lift I don't think he minded.
AND it feeds my need for escape from routine. I have recently accepted how easily I get bored, I appreciate the unknown every now and then. How charged I felt in Mozambique(recently visited on holiday with friends) just seeing a different way of life and being with different personalitites. I think i have made a good friend there, I tasted their world famous see food.

I cannot stress enough how I love variety and doing/trying new things. I want to do something different every week, which is probably why i agreed to go to a funeral in the former Transkei. I will take a bus and I know 4 people there out of 100. But it means a lot to my friend that I come and I have never been to that village so I will go.

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