Monday, 8 March 2010

The truth

I read in Conversations with God once that when something does no longer serve your purpose you will stop struggling with. I think Neale was saying when one is ready to move on from something it will happen. When the choice is made, when one chooses to be something else it will happen.
I am officially going on record that being fat does not serve my purpose anymore. I think i have stated this before. The fascination with food is not worth what I give up in carrying the extra kilos.
I was listening to a fascinating you man talking about weight this past weekend, he says
"I just decided i need to reduce my body size, so I started training and I reduced the amount of food I eat. Its no use training and still eating the same"
I swear he is not the type who read that somewhere, believe me he said it cause it made sense to him and he has lost weight. He is comfortable with where he is.
He said something about wanting to change his lifestyle as well and go back to playing soccer. Lifestyle wise he wants to start living his age, as in he found it hard being 30 and having a body of a 40 year old.
I was impressed. I must admit I want to act my age, I think a 25 year old will be like. Its too late my sister this is your 30th year. But I feel young, I want to do certain things and its hard when this body is holding me back....
Watch this space....


Early said...

Wow, she lives!

It's good to hear you talk like this. My dear, I need to hear someone say it, and do it, may be it could turn on that switch in me that I so need. I'm good with cheering others on, so I say, all the best to you, you can do it!

Kaznee said...

Greetings. As an older (51years old) twice divorced African Male, I have watched many of my female relatives gain and loose to regain pounds. I have also watched my last wife, loose the pounds and keep it off. My birthday was March 8, 2010 and this makes this blogg special to me. Eating correctly is very important and part of eating correctly is to make sure you pass the food through your system at least one a day and no more then three times a day. If food stays in your small intestine it is rotting and if it passes too quickly you have the runs and no food energy. Nuts and fruit mixed with your regular diet is a safe way to begin your weight loss journey. Then include fiber along with some type of excercise. I love dancing and riding my bikes. Please do not give up on yourself, never quit!
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